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The orders are only accepted from companies and individual entrepreneurs.
You may place your request for quote according to one of the following methods, whichever is more convenient for you:
  • Directly via our website:,
  • By e-mail:
  • By fax: +7 495 741 65 80
  • By mail: CJSC ZAO Radiotechcomplect, 35 Bol'shaya Tatarskaya Street, Moscow, 115184, Russian Federation
  • Personally in our office
The request should contain the following information:
  • The full company name, legal and postal address (if different);
  • The exact part number of the required item;
  • The requested quantity of parts;
  • The required quality control grade: commercial (OTK) or military use (BII, OC, OCM);
  • The requested delivery method (mail, express mail, self pick-up);
  • Name of contact person.
Requests for items with BII, OC, OCM quality control grades must be signed by the head of the requesting entity and by representative of Ministry of Defence and sealed with appropriate seals.
A pro-forma Invoice issued for payment of items, stated in your request will contain information regarding the prices, date codes and lead times for each part number.

The pro-forma Invoice may be faxed, mailed or e-mailed, depending on what is requested.

Payment of pro-forma invoices
  • The payment is made according to bank details stated in the pro-forma invoice only via banking method;
  • The parts shipped are paid upon agreement
  • Prices are stated in Russian roubles, VAT excluded.
  • Prices stated in pro-forma invoices are valid for 10 days only. If the pro-forma is not paid within 10 days after issue, prices may be subject to change and pro-forma may need to be revised.
Ordered items are delivered:
  • by postal shipment;
  • by express mail shipment;
  • in container via the railroad;
  • by self pick-up at our warehouse.
If you choose to pick-up the parts at our warehouse, you should order a pass for your representative by phone: (+7 495 741 65 80). The representative should carry a valid passport and a voucher. Upon arrival, the representative should request for attendant via internal phone 39-32.

Together with the parts, the items' passports and labels (quality confirmation), packing lists and commercial invoices will be supplied.

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