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For more than 10 years Radiotechcomplect has been supplying enterprises, design offices and research (scientific) institutes with electronic components. Those parts supplied by us, are working confidentially and without any errors in any radio electronic equipment of various kinds, and are used in space, in railway transportation, in aviation in the navy and special techniques.

In the year 2000 the certification center “Voenelectroncert” for the first time gave a conclusion of total correspondence of our company to the requirements of second range electro components suppliers, designed for this kind of equipment of military purpose. Each year Radiotechcomplect passes this attestation to confirm the very correspondence.

Among our supplies you may find a wide range of production, produced by more than 130 companies, as well as companies in Russia and CIS countries. Among the supplied products the following types are presented: connectors, capacitors, resistors, integral chips, transistors, diodes, stabilitrons, LEDs, optoelectronic devices, piezoelectric devices, electromagnetic relays, contactors, transformers, throttles, inductivity lines, switches, buttons, tumblers, safety devices, cables, wires, chemical sources of electricity, sources of light, lasers, electric engines, rotating transformers, selsyns, tachogenerators, corner digitizers, sources of secondary power, power sensors, electric filters and other components comprising thousands of different types and various kinds.

Thanks to perfect ties with many foreign companies we carry out various orders for electronic components of foreign production, starting with integral chips, resistors, capacitors, connectors, transistors, LEDs, relays, contactors, throttles up to industrial computers, modules of data input and output, data collection systems. The delivery of foreign production is made from the biggest stocks in Europe, USA and Asia.

The system of quality of our company guarantees carrying out of the orders of any quantities, from single parts up to huge deliveries for serial production.

We guarantee the quality of the shipped production, as well as the carrying out orders in time. We offer the best ways and conditions for our partners.

Radiotechcomplect - these are electronic components from the world and national leading producers

Licenses and certificates


23 June

Company RTKT successfully passed certification confirming compliance with the requirements of suppliers of electronic components.

1 April

The company Radiotechcomplect prompt supplies of high quality PCB of the largest manufacturers in China, Taiwan and South Korea

29 March

COMPANY "Radiotechcomplect" has launched CONTRACT MANUFACTURING FACILITIES in Shenzhen (China)
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